Mar 21 2014

Why Good Reporting is Important to eMail Marketing Campaigns

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When it comes to marketing your brand, email has been one of the most efficient methods since the inception of Internet media. With a single click of your mouse, you can send a vast amount of messages to your subscribers and other mailing lists without spending the money on postage. The only real cost in most situations is the money you give your Internet service provider and perhaps your web hosting service if you have a branded email address. Hundreds of emails or more can be sent instantaneously across the globe.

Having a good reporting method for your email campaigns can be just as important to your strategy as the email address itself. Many people don’t realize just how much of an impact the right data can have on marketing strategies. With analytical information, you can improve the overall efficiency of your campaigns by knowing how your recipients interact with the message. Comparing this information to the type and style of message you are sending could allow you to determine if there needs to be changes.

Understanding your recipients can help you develop a strategy that has far greater potential to make the campaign a success. Tools such as those located within Zoho Campaigns can provide you with important information regarding your email marketing. Link tracking capabilities can show you which of those in the email have received the most clicks demonstrating what your readers find more important. Instead of wasting the time sending messages to bad addresses, these systems will record how often a “bounce” occurs and remove those that fail to receive the email. Data concerning what devices are used by your readers can help you develop messages tailored to specific hardware and software capabilities.

Sometimes your emails can be received by those that file spam complaints. As you can’t satisfy 100-percent of the people 100-percent of the time, you need to know when these complaints occur. Too many of these can put you on a blacklist that can possibly deny any mail being sent from your domain. If your organization is submitted to such a list, most of the people within your location could lose the ability to send email if not all of them. This could be greatly detrimental to your business. Reporting services can inform you of when these complaints occur so you can deal with the situation before it escalates to such levels. Optimize your email campaign to be more effective for your needs.

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