Nov 10 2015

Why Combination Weighers Can Be So Important to Your Bottom Line

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Selling things by weight can be problematic. If you go over in weight for things like food products, consumers are not going to complain. They get free product. If you are underweight in your packaging that has a stated weight on the label, you can get into trouble with the law. We sell different weights of our food products we make at our farm, and we use combination weighers to make sure every product is precise.

You might think it is not a big deal to run a little heavy just to be sure. Let’s just say you are a tenth of an ounce too heavy on each package. That means for every 160 packages you lose a pound of product. Every 1600 packages is 10 pounds of product. 16,000 is a hundred pounds. One product we package is at about 32,000 unis per day. That is 200 pounds of product being given away for free for every tenth of an ounce heavy in packaging. In a year that is 52,000 pounds! Now do you see why combination weighers that are precise are very helpful in controlling costs?

Those little things add up to big things the more product you produce in a day. Some production runs per day are closer to a million units. A tenth of an ounce loss on every product could add up to an astronomical loss in a short period of time. There are so many ways you can lose product that is sold by weight. It can be damaged in manufacturing or so many other ways. Losing it out the door because each package is heavy is a waste that can be effectively controlled by using precision packaging equipment. Good packaging keeps you within the law, keeps your customers happy and protects your bottom line.

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