Feb 06 2014

Tips for Small Business Marketing on a Budget

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For any small business, marketing is crucial to the growth and success. However, there’s a balance that needs to be created between a solid marketing plan and the amount spent, as often times the wrong plan can cost too much money and deliver no real return. Most U.S. small businesses are limited in their funds, which is why it’s imperative to create a budget and develop a marketing plan around your financial situation, while researching other small business ideas. When you visit the 29 Prime blog, you’ll find insider information to successfully run businesses that you can apply to your company to generate years of prosperity.

Instructional Websites

The internet is constantly providing small business owners an abundance of low-cost tools for marketing. There are inexpensive blogging platforms, as well as video mediums that give you the ability to direct business to your page without spending a lot of money. By setting up a blogging website, you can create informative posts that make you an expert in the field, while driving customers to your page for more information. A video site is a similar medium; however, visual instructions can be given to the customer instead. For example, if you run a small carpentry business you can create a weekly blog to discuss the quality of products and videos about common pitfalls of homebuilding.

Social Networking

One of the least expensive forms of marketing today that requires very little maintenance is social networking. These websites automatically direct traffic to your site, while allowing you to speak directly with your potential customers. This creates an abundance of revenue from generally free marketing. Plus, you can research what your customers are looking for, while answering any questions they may have. Lastly, it allows you to create promotions to reward customers and bring in new business.

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