Nov 26 2013

The Time Clock e Shop

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If your business has employees who come in to work shifts, then it makes sense to want to keep track of their hours. Larger businesses often have time clock capabilities built into an employee’s door access card or computer system log-on identification, but for smaller companies, or other types of businesses where door access cards or computer systems may not be used, an employee time clock system is a valuable, efficient, and money-saving alternative. Time clocks enable you to log your employees’ hours; they also serve as a log for the employees themselves. The majority of time clocks log data electronically, and for employees will print a receipt of their clock-in and clock-out times for their own personal records. By keeping meticulous, computerized track of the hours your employees spend working for you, you will be able to have a better grasp on payroll costs, and know where and when (and possibly who) to cut back. Click here for more information on these types of systems.

While most employee time clocks are electronic, and many of the higher-end models can be seamlessly integrated into a business’ point-of-sale and inventory system (fast food restaurants and dine-in restaurants, for example, often have registers from which employees can enter orders, ring out customers, and clock in or out for a shift or break). But even the manual, paper-based time clocks offer data logging for employers.

So, what kind of system works best for you? A manual time clock system may be your best bet for a small computer, or if you’re not keen on a lot of computerized data. Larger companies will appreciate the more automated systems that can be integrated into point of sale and inventory systems. Security-minded companies can even incorporate the use of door and room access with time clocks, so that when an employee swipes his or her card to enter a restricted area, he is automatically logged in and counted as working on the clock.

Time clock systems serve as information-gathering for employers, and protection for both employers and employees. So long as your employees use the clocking system faithfully, both you and them will have accurate logs of all hours worked.

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