Mar 10 2017

The Process of Getting Label Approval

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Any type and brand of alcohol that is to be sold, transported to and stored in the state of Texas has to be properly labeled. Label applications have to be completed and approved before any product can enter the market. Below are a few of the important facts around alcohol label approval by TABC.
Must Be Licensed to Sell Alcohol In Texas

You cannot apply for label approval for any alcoholic beverage without first obtaining a license to sell alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. Your application will be denied if you try and skip this step.
Must Complete Application

Applications can be downloaded, filled out and mailed. There is also the ability to complete an application online. This helps speed the process up a little. There is no expedited service for label approvals.
Rules for Malt Liquor In varying Size

If malt liquor is planning to be sold in a variety of sizes, each one has to be treated as a separate entity. They can all be included in one application, but there will be a separate fee for the labels intended for each size container.
Rules for Wine and Spirits In Varying Size

The variety of wine and spirit containers to be used can all be included on one application and the fee will be one price for all. This encourages an affordable option for out-of-state companies to compete in the market.
Pay All Applicable Fees

All application fees have to be paid before any approval can happen. The fee is $25 dollars per relevant item, or application. Wine and spirits will be $25 dollars period. Malt liquor will be $25 dollars times the variety of package sizes that need labeling. All amounts can be included in one payment to TABC.
Provide Product Samples

It will be necessary to provide TABC with samples that can be lab tested before labels are approved. testing results from your facility will not be acceptable. The state of Texas wants to know that all approved labels are true and correct with the matching product.
How Long Does Label Approval Take?

Malt liquor label approval can take an average of 40 days. Wine and spirit labels are generally approved in 11 to 12 days. All of this varies due to difficulties in getting the correct information on applications. Online applications tend to get approved faster.

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