Dec 31 2014

Take No Chances: 5 Ways to Improve Home Safety

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Although many homeowners choose to equip their dwelling with a modern security system, crafty burglars may still pose a threat. To ensure their family’s safety, every homeowner needs to take the necessary precautions. Here are five ways to enhance home safety.

Keep the entryways well-lit
Many burglars prefer to do their dirty work in the darkness of the night. This means that the entryways need to remain well-lit. Will some people opt to keep their exterior lights on for the entire night, this can consume quite a bit of electricity. The most energy-efficient approach is to install a motion-activated light near all of the exterior doorways.

Install an outdoor surveillance camera
Most criminals hate the presence of a surveillance camera. Not only will a surveillance camera help to deter burglars, but it will also provide very value footage. If the cost of maintaining a surveillance system seems too expensive, there are several fake cameras on the market that look identical to the real thing.

Purchase a heavy-duty strike plate
A strike plate is designed to protect the door jamb during an attempted break-in. If an aggressive home intruder tries to kick down the door, the heavy-duty strike plate will be able to provide the necessary resistance. Some high-quality strike plates cost as little as $25. Installing a strike plate is actually a do-it-yourself project that can be accomplished by the average handyman.

Alarm system monitoring
In order for a security system to be as effective as possible, it needs to be watched over by an alarm monitoring company. In the event that someone attempts to break into the home, the alarm monitoring service will promptly contact the police. The security system monitoring service can also keep an eye on every smoke detector within the home.

Wireless window alarms
Home safety experts urge residents to keep their windows locked. However, wireless window alarms will provide an additional level of protection. Although these devices can be installed on any window, they are most suitable for seldom-used windows. The screaming sound of the alarm will cause most burglars to quickly vacate the scene.

Safety is an aspect of home ownership that should never be overlooked. By making a few improvements, everyone in the home will be able to relax in peace.

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