Jan 25 2015

Saving Money on Renters Insurance

Posted by Mark Hoppus in Uncategorized

I just renewed my lease for my apartment and after I signed the new lease, the apartment manager informed me that I would need to get renter’s insurance as soon as possible, in order to continue living in the apartment. I wish that was made explicit to me before I had signed the new lease, and I was not aware of any changes to the lease from the previous year. Kind of underhanded, if you ask me, but I want to save while renting on renter’s insurance and try to find the best policy I can get.

I do not really anticipate having any need for renter’s insurance, unless the whole apartment complex burns down, or something like that. But it would be ncie to look at my options and see what the cheapest policies are. I will probably just go with a bare bones minimum amount of coverage, because it seems like I would be wasting money if I went with anything more than that.

But I suppose I figure it all out and maybe I will be able to get this wrapped up and taken care of tonight. It is not like I have any good reason to just let it remain unresolved and floating over my head, like some sort of albatross. It should be fairly quick to get it done, and the office actually gave me a number to contact for a person they recommend for insurance. But before I give the guy a call, I think it would be a good idea for me to look around on the Internet a bit, and see what people are paying for renter’s insurance. That should help me to have a better idea as to whether I am getting a fair deal when I call the agent they suggested.

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