Mar 26 2013

Rings for that Special Occasion

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A wedding is always special for the bride and groom. It celebrates a union that depicts the customs and traditions of a people and families. Wedding jewellery often is a very important part of the ceremony. The bride and the groom often wear stylish and trendy jewels. Many also wear jewellery that is old and of an era.  Depending on the budget and family traditions, brides often wear jewellery that is made of platinum, gold or silver. Diamond jewellery too is fast becoming commonplace at weddings. Many precious stones like emeralds, rubies and jade are also gaining fast popularity among the well-heeled and the upwardly mobile.

Wedding jewellery can be quite fashionable and may also be contemporary and trendy. These can match the special colours of the wedding dress and have many facets. While bridal accessories can be quite popular and expensive, the wedding ring occupies the most premier of places. This ring is a band that symbolises the bond of marriage.  As the greatest gift lovers give each other, the wedding ring often is the last word in love and affection between soul mates. These come in different shapes and sizes and have timeless designs.

Wedding rings often pass hands and are given by an elder to a newcomer in the family. This tradition symbolises strong familial bonds that are passed on from generation to generation. These rings are a promise of faith and are effective in indicating what a person believes in. These rings often show the test of faith between partners and in many cultures is a must wear always.

Rings can be bought and sold traditionally in jewellery stores. However, the latest trends show that couples who want to consummate their nuptials often show it through a ring exchange ceremony. Engagements are often incomplete without the exchange and wearing of rings between the bride and groom. You can search the Internet for the best bargains in rings. Diamond, solitaire, crystals, rubies and amethyst are some of the best known stones used in engagement rings.

You should be very careful about the price of an engagement ring. These can be very expensive and can also be quite affordable in need be. There are a few factors that determine the price of a ring. The design of the ring, the gemstone used, the quality and standard of craftsmanship are some of the factors the can affect the price of the ring.

Sometimes, the traditional jeweller across the street too can offer the best designs and styles in rings. Choose these rings to enhance your wedding ceremony and make it an event worth a recall in the future.


This article is written by Jessica Dilop on behalf of Oren is Better.  She has 3 years of content writing and 2 years of Journalistic experience in Vancouver, Canada.

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