May 24 2014

Rating of The Most Popular And Sought-After Professions In Huston

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Graduates and applicants that are making the choice of the future profession ask the question about the most popular professions most frequently. And it is really important for them not to make a mistake in their decision. But this rating will be interesting not only for high school students, but also for people who decided to change their specialization, or would like to get a second higher education, and, of course, those who are simply interested in the situation in the labor market and in jobs available in Houston.

To find out what the most demanded positions are, we have analyzed a number of sites with jobs classifieds. As employers most actively use the World Wide Web for job search, we have taken the most popular employment sites. So, here is our list of the most popular professions and specialties.

1. Sales jobs. Although the average salary offered for this position is not very high,  one of the sites had 11.4 thousand vacancies requests in the last month. It is the undisputed leader in our ranking.

2 . IT professionals ( programmers, system administrators, content managers, web designers, etc.) Today, none of the respecting and promising companies can do without IT professionals. This concept includes developers, experts who support the company’s technology, experts who specialize in implementing and maintaining the so-called ERP-systems. Demand for such professionals is based on the increased productions of existing companies. Good salary and the need for these specialists (from 1806 to 5786 job requests) put  program specialists in second place in our ranking list.

3. Accountants, economists and bankers have a great degree of demand due to the production and sales services development. The average number of vacancies for these positions is 2700 per month. Financial professionals have always been necessary in any business. Thus, their salary ranges greatly and depends on the responsibilities and duties they are supposed to fulfill.

4 . In the list of most popular and sought after professions the fourth position is shared by two areas of services – engineers, technologists and specialty workers (plumbers, builders, electricians, etc.). Of course, specialty workers are not considered the most prestigious profession  among the population, but the monitoring of job classifieds proves that employers experience a great demand in such kind of employees. As for engineers, designers and technologists, as our study has revealed, they are also in demand. But the salary for such services is not very high.

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