Nov 17 2015

Mom Needs Help After an Accident

Posted by Mark Hoppus in Uncategorized

When my mom fell down the steps, I was frantic because she did not want to leave her home after her release from the hospital. I knew that she could not handle everything that needed done there, and it would be very hard on me to take care of her household as well as my own because I work 60 hours a week and have my own family at home. She is the one who suggested that we look into WD Home Health Care in Los Angeles CA, and it turned out to be such a lifesaver for us.

I can see why Mom did not want to leave her home, because I would be the same way. I am extremely independent, and I get it because that is how she raised me to be. She did not need help with a lot of things, especially since she lives in a one floor modular home that is pretty new. She just needed help with bathing, meals, laundry, and getting to her doctor appointments. She was still able to walk around since it was her shoulders and left wrist that she hurt, so she could walk from room to room but she couldn’t drive or do small household chores.

When I looked into WD Home Health Care, I knew that it was the answer that we both needed. In addition to the things that I knew she would need help with, they would also make sure that she did not forget to take her medications, take her shopping or to church, and also stay overnight with her if the need would arise. She is getting older, and at nearly 90 years old, I had a feeling that she would continue to use this service even after she is completely healed from her accident!

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