Feb 15 2013

Marketing Strategies for Beginner

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Marketing Strategies for Beginner

Marketing is an essential key to start up a new business. Without good marketing strategies, a new business cannot develop well in gaining the customers. Therefore, establishing marketing strategies is needed. There are several things to consider in marketing strategies such as advertising or promotion, offering to clients, etc. If you plan to have a new business, you can follow some marketing tips below to develop your new business.

  • Make a simple and cheap promotion. When you start up your business, simple and cheap promotion is needed. You can go door to door to give a simple brochure to promote your business. You can ask your family and friends to do the same, and as a result you don’t need to cost extra money in promoting your business.
  • After your business is developing, you can choose one major campaign. You need to hire more customers so that you need to join one events which can larger your segment. For example, you can be a sponsor for a school event which usually attended by many students.
  • In marketing your product, you should be creative. You must think out of the box to attract your customers. For example, you may promote your business via social media and also online community. Give special price in the beginning and give special offer such as buy one get one to attract more customers.

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