Apr 11 2017

Making the Best Use of an Expert Witness

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Expert witnesses are often featured on movies talking about court cases and on television shows that center around crime and justice. There is no end to advice when it comes to what is the best way to use an expert witness. A lot of the advice a person receives comes from trial lawyers who have had traumatic experiences or who have learned the hard way what a good way to use an expert witness is and what a bad way to use an expert witness is. Much advice and good expert witnesses can be found using a litigation support specialist.

There are different circumstances that would require the use of an expert witness. For example, sometimes the law simply requires that an expert witness be called in order to provide testimony on a case. In other instances the lawyer would call an expert witness because they want to increase the credibility of their case.

There is no such thing as an absolute right or wrong when it comes to who should be selected as an expert witness or if expert witnesses should be used. Really, the best way to determine how and when to use an expert witness is to look at the pros and cons in each case. It is a case-by-case decision.

It is good to clarify what an expert witness is. In order to be an expert in something, the person would need to have a level of understanding or a level of experience or training in a particular field that goes beyond what is commonly understood. The idea is that the expert witness would be able to help a legal team verify or prove something that they could not prove otherwise. In the vast majority of cases, an expert witness is going to be some form of professional. However, there are a lot of expert witnesses who do not have a degree in anything. They are experts simply because of the experience that they have in the field.

The expert witness should be viewed as if they were a communicator or a teacher. They not only need to transmit knowledge, but they need to emotionally affect the jury. So the more persuasive they are, the better. The idea is for the expert witness to be someone who has a command over the facts but who also has a polished delivery. They are able to convey complex ideas in a way that people who have no knowledge of the topic can understand.

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