Jul 27 2015

Johnston’s Additional Featured Parts Can Outfit Any Lift Truck Model for Safe Use

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Lift trucks are an essential part of any warehouse operation. It isn’t too easy to effectively move products or materials without them, plus they can make the job safer for everyone involved. But while safety is a major attraction to using lift trucks in the first place, it’s important that you take precautions so that the machines are safe for the people working in and around them. It is heavy machinery, after all. That’s where Johnston Equipment comes in. They’re the number one provider of forklift equipment throughout Canada and they offer every single additional part that you may need for the safest working environment possible.

It’s important for your company’s lift truck fleet to be a fluid part of your workplace, so Johnston has several crucial add-on parts that may be necessary. While every lift truck comes automatically outfitted with a horn, you may want to add an audible alarm for situations where the driver cannot see pedestrians while moving around. There are also various lights that could be added on to the vehicle for support, like travel lights or work lights to provide greater illumination in darker workspaces. Similar to an alarm, it might also be a good idea to get a warning light for the top of the truck to clearly indicate when the truck is in motion.

It is equally important to ensure the safety of the person in control of the lift truck and Johnston understands this as well. Their fall protection options are crucial for any safe working environment. You can outfit your machine with a retractable or an energy-absorbing tether, a body belt, or even a full body harness – whatever is most comfortable for your workers.

As an alternative to belts or harnesses, you can also set up a guardrail with a three-bar side gate. A side gate power disconnect switch can equally be installed which can be employed to make sure that flip-down side gates on any model must be down and secure before any operation can take place. While it may be easier and faster in some cases to complete simple moving tasks without necessarily locking down the side gate, again, safety must be the priority and this disconnect switch can seriously deter from avoidable accidents occurring on the job.

Of course, Johnston also provides their patented repair service if any of these individual parts break down, meaning you won’t be out of service for long. No matter how small the part, a Johnston repairman will come to your workplace and fix it in four hours or less. It just goes to show that worker safety is by far their most important priority.

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