Jun 04 2015

Johnston Promotes Workplace Safety With Excellent Training Programs

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If you’ve spent any time in or around a warehouse in this country, chances are pretty high that you’ve come across some equipment courtesy of Johnston. For over 60 years, Johnston Equipment has been the leading provider of integrated material handling solutions, dealing in everything from forklifts to shelving units. And they’re not just a retailer that you buy some equipment from – Johnston prides itself on building long-standing relationships with companies. They want to be a partner to your business and they have the reliability to back it up.

Nowhere is this better exemplified than with their training programs. Sure, you can buy a sideloader from other places if you want, but how many of those retailers would carve out the time to teach the proper operating skills and safety procedures directly to the workers that will be using it? Warehouses can be dangerous places to work in this day and age, which makes workplace safety as important as ever. Johnston is well aware of this and aims to help in any way they can.

Johnston’s trademark training program is the Safety on the Move – Operator Training workshop. It’s a comprehensive overview on how to properly operate a forklift or lift truck, the most common pieces of loading equipment on sites these days. Primarily a theory-based course, Safety on the Move includes six modules that cover basic operations and travel, safety procedures, load handling, ramps and loading docks, and battery use. Additionally, there’s a hands-on component, where the participants will actually get behind the controls so they’ll be prepared and confident to use the lift when the time comes. All in all, the theory component is a one-day affair, while the practical portion will vary in length depending on how experienced the trainees are.

The great thing about Johnston’s training programs is that you don’t have to take employees anywhere to access it. They will send out trainers right to your workplace to teach and evaluate on site, making for a seamless transition to real workplace scenarios afterwards. But if you’d rather not do it close to home, they offer the programs at their own facilities as well. And whether your class size is going to be only a few people or a large group, they have no issues accommodating. Having options is simply Johnston’s specialty!

Most importantly, the Safety on the Move program is CSCSC (Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council) certified. Plus there are several other training programs that focus on other specific safety needs, like fall protection training and aerial work platform training. If you want your warehouse to be as safe as can be, these workshops are a must. You can’t put a price on safety and Johnston knows that. They have you and your warehouse covered.

Image source: The Nova Scotia Business Journal

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