Jan 24 2015

It Doesn’t Cost That Much

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Air sealing is a recent innovation that has come about and it is a pretty great one if you ask me. Have you ever been in a home that has what you might refer to as a draft. Where a rush of cold air just runs through the house. This is because the house is not properly sealed. Air sealing aims to fix that problem. It is getting better and better at the technique as time goes on. If you are looking, just a quick search for Chicago home air sealing will get you on the right track. Of course this service is offered everywhere around the country so don’t think that you have to be in the Chicago area. This is just a notorious problem in a lot of the older buildings around Chicago, so that is where a lot of the companies set up base. But if you are in need, I’m sure there is one near you.

So what exactly do they do, well they first try to identify where the leak is coming from, and it’s usually in several hundred places. They then work out a solution on how to fix it and then give you a quote of what it will all cost. This was all free so far, so if you decide to fix it you will know up front what it will cost you. They don’t play around with the cost, so what you are quoted is what you will pay so long as no huge accident happens or something unavoidable. This rarely happens though, so if you want your house to retain heat better, this is what you should do. Without the cold air getting in it will be cheaper and easier to heat your home or apartment. It’s just something to think about if you have the money.

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