Mar 13 2013

Innovative Business – Luxurious Cemetery Park

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Luxurious Cemetery Park

Money can come from the place that most people even do not expect. For some people, it may look impossible to earn serious money from funeral business while for the smart guy, it means million of dollars. How come?

Well, let’s go a country in South East Asia, Indonesia. There recently launched a business of millions of dollars called San Diego Hills. If you think that this one is a property business, you may be right or wrong at the same time. What may make you interested about the business is the management sells the “property” for death citizens. It is a luxurious cemetery park offering first-class citizens the “proper” place to take the ending rest. How much it costs? Just to mention as the highest price, one was sold at about $667,800.

Surprisingly, the San Diego Hills is not the only one in the country. Currently under the construction, there will be a competitor of San Diego Hills called Al-Azhar Memorial Garden. It indicates that this business really brings an innovative idea at least in a developing country. Well, is it inspiring for you to innovate in running your own business even with much lower scale? For me, being innovative is the key to enter the world of business.

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