Aug 21 2012

Increasing Employees Productivity

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Increasing Employees Productivity

To increase your business productivity, employees are the key. If you have to fire and hire new employee, it will consume much money and time. Therefore, you should exploit the human resources as fully as possible.

You can start to increase the employees’ productivity by setting a goal for them. If they do not know what goal that they should reach, they tend to work for no good reason other than just to do their work as usual. You also need to motivate them by encouraging all the projects that they do. Money can become the effective tool to boost productivity. Give them regular incentive or bonus and praise because of their hard work. In addition, you should provide them with up to date technology so they can work faster and do their duties more efficient with the help of machine. It needs money but it is worth because old equipment can obstruct their productivity.

Increasing Employees Productivity

Talk more with them so they feel comfortable in the workplace. The hierarchical structure inside the company can pressure and frustrate them. Spend time to sit with them when lunch and listen to their complaint. Moreover, sometimes you can give them fun time by letting them play music or break for certain times.

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