Nov 02 2015

I Needed New Rollers for My Garage Doors

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I bought a cute cottage in a rural area of Joliet not long ago. The owner told me that the garage was only accessible by the back door, so he had always parked his car in the driveway. I figured that would not be a problem for me either, but it turns out that I really wanted to use the garage for my car after all. I had no idea why the garage door would not open, but I figured that I could find a company that does garage door repair in Joliet to answer that question for me.

Since this was not in my realm of anything, I had to go online to figure out what company to hire. I actually found one that does installations and repairs only, which surprised me. I thought that I would end up having to contact a handyman service or a construction service, but this company handles just garage door repairs and installs, so I called them to come out. I had no idea what to tell them other than the door will not open, so I was not sure what to expect when they got there.

The repairman looked at the garage door and told me that it was an easy fix. It just needed to have new rollers installed. The ones that were up there were not installed properly, causing them to break. He was able to uninstall them and put the new rollers on that same week, and it was pure bliss being able to open up my garage with the remote control that I now have in my car. If I have any problems with anything on my garage in the future, they are the only company I will be calling. They were extremely quick, very professional, and quite reasonable with their prices too!

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