Oct 09 2015

I Found a Great Invoicing System

Posted by Mark Hoppus in Uncategorized

When I decided to create an invoice from my home computer to see if I could do it, I found out that it is a bit harder than what I thought it would be. If it was just one invoice, it would have been okay, but I needed an invoice template that I could use at any given time. I figured something like that had to exist, so I did a quick search and found exactly what I was looking for. Even better, the invoice templates are free to use, something I was not expecting.

There were so many to choose from too, which was another nice surprise about this site. There are over 100 templates that range from very basic to quite detailed in both design as well as features. I did not need anything quite like that, so I just looked at the more basic ones. I did like that I would be able to put my own information on it, so the Invoice Home logo or details would be absent from it. While I appreciate the service they are offering, I did want it to be known that the invoice was from me and not someone else.

There are two ways to get the invoice to the customer as well. I have the option to download it as a PDF file, then I can print it and send it to them. I can also email it directly to them, and they can open it themselves and then print it if they want a copy. I usually choose to download it so I can send it to them, so I have a copy of it myself that way. Even if I would happen to lose it though, I can always go to their website and print another copy for myself. It is a very nice service to have!

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