Oct 27 2012

How Richard Branson Build Virgin Enterprises

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Richard Branson

If you ask me who the best entrepreneur in the world is, I will recommend you to write Richard Branson in your list. Well, who does not know him? He builds 8 companies that have profit million dollars. He builds Virgin Enterprise at the age of 20 years old and he never attends college. He also never bank corrupt even though many of his companies is broken down. Therefore, it will be great if you know the secret behind his success.

When you start a business, make sure that you have passion on it. Making new business is difficult and it can be harder if you do not enjoy it. You should also need to have strong motivation so you will not give up during the process.

Richard Branson

Choosing the name of your business should be done carefully. There should be a philosophy meaning behind it and represent what business that you want to be. In addition, do not hesitate to take a risk because business is full of risks. There will be no total failure because you will get experience that you never get if you just play safe. Once you fail, face it with stronger will and motivation.

It is important to give best impression to your customers not only in the beginning. Moreover, you should build comfort zone between your employees so they can do better work.

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