Jan 25 2015

Getting into Life Coaching Business

Posted by Mark Hoppus in Uncategorized

I have spent awhile unemployed, just living off of my savings, and not really sure what I should do. It is kind of frustrating to not have a path in life that makes sense to you. But of course, I should be used to such frustrations by now, because they have plagued by false starts in my life, and I just want to find something that makes me happy. That is why I am curious to look into life coaching and see if ti might be the right career path for me.

I have thought about it in the past, briefly, but never considered it in great depth. But I had an encounter with a guy who worked as a life coach recently, and he seemed to have a lot in common with me. I have always had a very positive outlook on life, but I just don’t want to waste my time doing things that I do not enjoy, and that are not rewarding, and that is why I have never stayed at a job for more than a year or two.

I think this would be a game changer for me though, if I were to get a job as a life coach. It would be a whole different game, if I got to work to help people get through their struggles in life, and conquer the challenges that face them. I think it is a job that I would be very good at, and that it seems like somethign that would also be very rewarding to me. I need to look for opportunities around my current location, and maybe send in some applications, or try to get more information. Also, I wouldn’t mind moving if it meant I got a good opportunity to do something like this.

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