Nov 13 2014

Eminence in production and service

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With the experience of 30 years in the field of manufacturing, they offer various solutions for the issues of fluid handling systems. Their manufacturing products are designed such that to satisfy the required needs to their clients. Their vision is to provide quality, efficient products to transfer, apply mix and spray fluids. They are providing full support to customer by selling the fine equipments to the customers. Their mission is to provide improve the competence, excellence and capability of the customers to handling the fluids. The company is originated in 1982 and are located in Hilton hills Ontario. The other branches are in Alberta, New Brunswick and also in British Columbia.

They are the team of professionals who combined to give good service to the customers. They contribute their knowledge, skills and focus their goal on to enhance the business and enterprises. They work with good code of ethics and core values, principles and implement it as basic activities. The service rules are customer satisfaction, respect to suppliers, fellow employees, visitors and competitors. They provide applications and the products solutions are various industries like aerospace, agriculture, cleaning, and automotive manufacturing, cleaning, construction and infrastructures, oil and gas, transportation etc.

The products are air dispenser, air spray, piston pumps, lubrication equipments, two component equipment, wood working tools, hoses and other accessories, valves and cylinders, adhesive and sealant products etc. They also provide solution for spray coating equipments like spray guns with different sized nozzles, spray foam and polyurethane foam equipments, generators, air compressors, air dryers etc.

Bolair’s RIM products are used for moulding purpose. The technique used here is to inject the materials into the fixed mould. They are used in industries to manufacture doors, windows, interior work for construction industry etc. The operations doing here are injecting the polyurethane liquid into required mould. The materials are then polymerizing in the mould to form required component. These are also used in automotive industries for moulding steering wheels, dash boards and also in electronic industries for computer enclosures, insulating the refrigerators in application industry etc.

They also offer mobile spray systems for the demanding industries. The product mobile spray rig is emerged as the result of prolonged experience in fluid handling industry. The rig facility is designed in such a way to provide high efficiency, low cost and helpful packages to satisfy the requirement of the customer. This service is not done individually. They teamed up with Graco, TAH, IR ARO industries and provide quality equipment and services to the customers.

Their suppliers are Graco, TAH, Ingersoll Rand ARO, and Titan/speeflo and in joint venture with them to offer excellent services t o the customer. They treat their employees in a respectful manner. The develop their knowledge and skills up to date and execute with excellence. They also provide raining for the employees and make them shine in their field. Training may be on-site or to local employees held as classroom training and also with equipment. With having more experience they are providing excellent solution and support to the cutomers.

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Lary Nineham stresses the necessity of using quality spray foam equipment during your home remodeling. This is essential for insulating your house from outer weather conditions.

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