Jan 18 2014

Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account

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Most low risk businesses can easily obtain a merchant account to collect online credit card payments. Banks and merchant service providers often deny this privilege to high risk businesses based on the nature of their industry or their risk of financial failure. Since credit cards are a common payment method for most people, especially for online purchases, non-acceptance of credit cards would cost high risk businesses most of their customers.

Fortunately, companies exist to help high risk businesses obtain merchant accounts. The High Risk Guys is one example of a brokerage company for this type of account provider. High risk merchant service companies serve numerous high risk industries including adult websites, collection agencies, credit repair companies, electronic cigarettes, gun sales, medical marijuana, pawn shops, penny auctions, ticket sales, timeshare organizations and vitamin sales.

These merchant service providers work with everything related to payment processing for high risk business accounts. They offer higher rates than other account providers, but businesses that have a hard time obtaining merchant accounts can usually get approval. These companies offer businesses such as those with an electronic cigarette merchant account the full payment processing abilities that all businesses need to succeed online.

Payments are essential to business success. The account approval process can be slower and more arduous for high risk businesses, but high risk merchant providers can help businesses open their store in a timely manner. Most companies offer easy, electronic signature applications that make account setup fast and easy. Some businesses even receive same-day approval.

Additionally, high risk account providers offer helpful solutions for high volume merchant accounts. Most businesses want higher volume limits than their account providers approve, so high risk service providers tailor monthly volumes to specific industry needs. They also offer multiple accounts from multiple providers that businesses can manage in one place. This enables high risk businesses to spread their eggs into many baskets while managing them through one gateway.

When banks or merchant companies refuse to give high risk businesses a merchant account, high risk merchant service companies are willing to do so. While the fees may be higher and the processing more tedious, it may be the only recourse for high risk businesses. It is also a necessity for them, since credit is the lifeblood of e-business. With a little time and research, most businesses can find a good merchant provider to process their payments in a professional, responsible manner.

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