Feb 15 2017

Easy Ways to Keep Stored Inventory Properly Organized

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If inventory that’s stored away isn’t used on a regular basis, the process of tracking everything over time will be challenging. Although inventory management tasks may seem complicated, there are simple procedures that you can implement to keep everything organized.

Compile Data and Eliminate Clutter

Before placing inventory in a commercial storage facility, you must make a list so that you’ll find specific items quicker whenever they’re needed. During this process, you should grab any items in your office that take up a lot of space. Typically, if a piece of equipment isn’t used daily, it can be stored away to reduce clutter.

When the list is complete, grab another piece of paper can create different groups for the inventory. One group should consist of items that will be stored together on the shelves, and the other portion should contain items that will be in boxes.

Pack the Inventory Properly

During the packing process, you shouldn’t rush because your inventory may damage. Instead, pack everything effectively and efficiently by using:

  • New boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Storage bins

If you’re going to put your items in a storage unit, consider installing shelves on the walls to boost efficiency. You should never place heavy boxes on these shelves because the weight will make the each support beam collapse.

Design a Map

Without a map, you may have problems pinpointing the exact location where certain items are stored. A strategic map should contain:

  • Layout information
  • Inventory volume
  • Space for updates

Updates must be made whenever items are moved into and out of the storage unit. As you make changes to the map, ensure that everything is accurate and easy to understand. If the map has a lot of scribbles, you’ll have problems finding your inventory during time-sensitive situations.

Inventory management is vital because productivity issues can affect sales when important projects are in progress. Accurate data is the key to success, which is why many businesses managers use software as they manage stock. If you’d like to use tools while organizing your inventory as well, considering buying a traditional program or manufacturing inventory management software.

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