Sep 27 2014

Do not miss your chance – vote in a leader you trust

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Willowdale is one of the most vibrant districts of Toronto with constantly growing population. The fact that people of various nationalities choose this area for living is a proof of it comfortableness. Indeed, people increasingly prefer to settle there. It is one of those cozy districts, which allow a person to get away from the big city hassle. However, the infrastructure designed and constructed decades ago can not keep up with the growth of population and constant increase in number of vehicles on the roads. Despite the fact that capital of Canada has one of the best transit systems that covers large area of the city, the problems of traffic congestion and poor condition of the roads haven’t been resolved in Willowdale yet. It creates huge inconveniences to dwellers of the area, starting from small kids, who have to stand up earlier to get to school in time and ending with seniors, who sometimes are waiting for hours when traveling to medical care facilities.

City politics have proposed numbers of solutions to this problem, but a big part of them have remained on the paper. Budget costs are limited and construction of subway line is rather costly project. Despite the fact that part of the subway line has been constructed, it hasn’t been put into operation. Therefore, city top officials have to focus on its completing. This year municipal election is a chance for district residents to move the project off the dead centre. New councillor should propose the best option, which would not cost residents of Willowdale too much. In this regard, all the voters are encouraged to vote for a candidate, who will be able to give a Fresh Start at City Hall and reload the system of municipal administration in the city.

Another top issue needed to be addressed is the support of local small businesses. Businessmen are waiting for positive changes a new leader can bring them such as providing grants, passing tax credits, or creating more favorable conditions for doing business in the district. New businesses mean more influx to the city budget, so more funds might be allocated on implementation of programs for living conditions of the population improvement.

Dwellers of Willowdale should use the elections as a chance to change the situation and ensure better future for their children. Every vote may be decisive. Give your voice for the candidate, who really cares about the Ward and its dwellers.

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