Mar 03 2015

Designing the PowerPoint

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Capturing the attention of a classroom, members of a business meeting or any other group of people can be hard to do with pieces of paper and talking. One way to add some creativity to the meeting is by using a PowerPoint slide design. There are numerous ways that you can create the PowerPoint depending on the information that you want to present and the type of audience.

Make sure that the slides you have in the design don’t repeat what you say. You want the slides to have basic notes and bullet points of the important notes. Don’t include paragraphs on the slides as you want the audience to be able to easily read the information. Pictures are almost a necessity for a PowerPoint presentation. Choose pictures that will relate to the information presented. Try to use colors on the background that won’t take away from the pictures that are displayed. Avoid using bright letters because your audience probably won’t be able to see them as well as they would something darker on a light background. There are companies online that have templates for PowerPoint designs. These templates include spaces for titles and graphs as well as ways to add music and movement to the slides.

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