Apr 10 2014

Designing Creative Wall Lobby for Various Industry Signs

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When passengers arrive in an unfamiliar city’s airport, before they see any agent, or customer representative, they look for signs, something to direct them to the baggage claim, taxi stands, car rental agencies, and/or the lounge where their rides are awaiting them.  The typical passenger’s expression, on exiting the ramp, is unmistakable: one part hopeless, one part sheer exhaustion and relief, and one part tempered manic impatience.  Taken together, these can be summed up in one phrase: where do we go now?  When airports fail to provide adequate signage, though the flight may have been on-time, the airport will earn an F” in minds of its customers.

Dallas’ Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP) has this in mind as it begins a major renovation of the facility to bring it into the 21st century and, it is hoped, make it a world-class airport that serves travelers for many years to come.   While not on the 10 worst airports in the world list (source: http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/10-worst-airports-in-the-world.html/?a=viewall), LFMP doesn’t want to take that for granted.  The renovation will include upgrades that centralize the concourse, remodel the lobby, expand the baggage claim area, and a new ticketing wing.

To bring attention to the LFMP, graphic displays in Terminal 2 will display artistic wall concepts.  What set these apart will be neat details that mimic the design on the ceiling contrails, monitors that depict the program as a video upon airplane windows, and renderings of the art that will be installed once the lobby is complete.   Connecting the airport with the local community, other walls will show local monuments throughout Dallas.

New, easy to view and follow, directional signs have been installed throughout the terminal, to assist passengers in navigating the new layout of Terminal 2 (source: http://www.bluepondsigns.com/directory-signs.html).  Branding of the “Love Evolution” (short for the LFMP) includes contrasting blue background, which further distinguish these signs, and make for an easier transition from aircraft to final destination, which is especially critical during the construction phase when temporary walls could confuse returning passengers.

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