Apr 01 2013

Dealing with Problematic Employee

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Problematic Employee

In running a business, the performance of employees is very important. Many bosses hold training before accepting a new employee and it needs much time and money. The effort will be in vain if one of your employees causes many troubles instead of helping you. Therefore, you should know how to deal with him before the problem getting worse.

When you find one employee that does not work or active as usual, you should take a step immediately. You cannot just assume that he has a bad day if the problem is not resolved after few days later. Some people need to be warned or advised face-to-face by the boss to be back again. Do not wait until it cause domino effect to other employees.

Next, identify what is the problem he has. It may be just a matter of lack of training or it can be attitude problem. Tell him that you hire him to work as he asked to do. You should keep controlling the improvement of his attitude. Make sure that he really understands his task. Some people may need long process to adapt with new rule or habit so keep your eye on him for next several weeks. However, if his attitude does not change at all, you had better to fire him and find another new employee.

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