Apr 11 2017

Custom Printed Vinyl Sticker

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The amount of mail that people get that contains advertising and deals has only increased, and you need to find a way to stand out. One way is to include some sort of freebie in the letters you send out, such as a custom printed vinyl sticker. Even if you don’t get immediate interest in your products, the recipient will remember your name and, possibly, start opening more of your letters.

They’re Noticeable

One advantage to including something like a vinyl sticker is that they’re noticeable. You can make the person who opens the mail remember your company easily because the sticker will have your logo on it. Many sticker companies let you upload designs yourself — you’re not limited to having their design department create the sticker — so you can use the colors you want and make it the size you want.

You Can Show Your Sense of Humor

You’re also not limited to using just your business’ logo. You can create humorous stickers that make customers chuckle. That both makes your business stick in the mind of the customer, and it could make that customer more likely to open the next piece of mail from you, hoping to find another sticker. It’s even better if you can make the sticker into something that has a practical purpose, like one that has a calendar for the month printed on it, or one that has coupon codes or discount offers listed on it.

Vinyl stickers have the advantage of being rather durable. If something spills on the sticker, it’s easier to clean the sticker off than it would be if the sticker were made of paper. The self-uploading ability offered by many companies means you can change the look of each sticker to match the season or an upcoming holiday, for example.

Promotional stickers are just one example of the gifts you could send to customers as freebies. And if you decide to stop sending out mailers, you can still continue to send promotional stickers when you send other items to people, such as with receipts or in boxes if you ship material goods. These seemingly little items can make an impression, and it would be worth your time to contact sticker companies to see what you can produce.

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