Jul 06 2015

Car Title Loan in San Diego

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Emergency loan is often a preferred channel for acquiring enough cash to cover emergencies. There are various types of emergency loan. For people who live in San Diego and many other cities in the United States, car title loan is often among the most frequently used ones. Car title loan is a short-term loan that is secured with the borrowers’ car title. People who apply for car title loan usually have to get through the following process.

  1. Finding a lender who offers car title loan

  2. Preparing their car title or a certified copy of it

  3. Filling the application form

  4. Waiting for their application to be approved

Many people rely on car title loan to solve their financial problem, but there are also people who prefer to choose another channel. Why? The following are the reasons why car title loan can or cannot be relied upon.

Reasons to Rely on Car Title Loan

People often opt for auto title loans in San Diego to obtain fast cash because of the following reasons.

  1. The approval rate of car title loan is relatively high. Theoretically, all people who hold the title of a car are eligible to apply for this loan.

  2. Car title loan provides sufficient cash to cover all emergencies. The amount of cash obtained from car title loan ranges from $100 to $10,000, which is considered to pay hospital bills, funeral expenses, and other types of emergency.

  3. Car title loan doesn’t require credit check. People with no or bad credit and those with bankruptcy history can apply for the loan and are mostly eligible for approval. People with good credit score will not have to suffer when they fail to repay the loan. Their credit score will not deteriorate in the event of default.

  4. Car title loan application is easy. The loan application can be processed either online or in the store.

  5. Car title loan application processing is quick and simple. People who apply for car title loan and get approved can obtain the cash on the same day.

Reasons Not to Rely on Car Title Loan

Not all people consider car title loan their best option because of the following reasons.

  1. Car title loan is a secured loan. Only car title holders can apply for it.

  2. Car title loan is risky because if the borrowers fail to repay their debt, the lender who has placed lien on their car title has a legal right to repossess their car and to sell it.

  3. The interest rate of car title loan is usually high. People who borrow $1,000 often have to spend $1,200 to repay their debt.

How to Make Sure that Car Title Loan Will Benefit You?

To make sure that you reap only the advantages of car title loan, you have to handle the loan properly. Because the loan is an emergency loan, use it only to cover your emergencies and not to pay your regular bills. When applying for the loan, be sure that you can convince yourself that you can repay it. Remember that your car, which is your precious property, is at stake when you apply for this loan.

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