Apr 20 2012

Boss or Leaders, Which One Are You?

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Boss or Leaders

To be in highest position in business hierarchy is not as easy as you think. You need to do many things and arrange all parts inside the business to go smoothly and suitable with the company’s goal. You can become a boss or leader. Do you know what the differences between those terms?

If you like to command your employees as you want without any consideration or we can say it authoritative, you include in boss category. Without any assistance or guidance how to do their job with best result before, boss will orders the employees anytime. Boss gives full responsibility to their employees and often blames them if they make a mistake. As the result, the employees will feel unconfident and uncomfortable. He/she rarely make initiative or big change related to rule or management and stick with old principle.

In the other hand, if you like to give company’s vision not only with oral but also real example to the employees, it means that you are a leader. Leader will help their employees when they need without hesitation. The responsibility is shared among all parts of the company so they will trust each other. If a mistake occurs, leader will learn from it and will not blame anyone. Discussion and sharing idea is often happen.

So, which one are you?

Boss or Leaders

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