Jul 09 2012

Basic Selling Technique to Increase Sales

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Basic Selling Technique

To increase your sales, you can take many ways. One of it is mastering basic selling techniques. No matter how big or famous your business, you should not forget about this technique because it is the key for successful business. The main point of selling is persuading your customers to buy your product and the correct way will make them interest in your business.

Basic Selling Technique

Customers will feel intimidated if you as the sales person talk more and more. You should talk less and give more opportunity for them to talk too. Listen to what they say about the products that they want and why they choose it. You can start to ask open-ended questions to get more detailed about them. You can also use the word ‘you’ instead of ‘madam’ or other title. If you know who they are and what they need, you can make good relationship with them. As the result, you become an expert and the customers will feel connected with the products.

When you explain about the product, make sure that you proud of it. If you hesitate or feel unsure about the product and its quality, the customers will also doubt towards the products. If the product has high price, believe that it is the best price that can make your customers satisfy. Remember to always have positive attitude by eliminating the negative words, such as ‘impossible’ and ‘can’t’.

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