Aug 19 2015

Automated Packing Helps Our Business

Posted by Mark Hoppus in Uncategorized

When my husband and I first started our bakery business, we had no idea where it would take us not even a decade later. I thought that our fortune was going to come via brownies and cupcakes, but pizza shells is where it actually is. We used an old fashioned recipe, and everyone loves it. We started mass producing it and selling it in stores once we figured out the logistics of it. The first thing we had to do once we started thinking this way was look at case packers so the process could be automated.

I looked at several different companies, just so we could make sure we were getting the best one for the money. I ended up going with a company that is only a few hundred miles from us for a few reasons. Their prices are really low compared to a lot of the other companies offering the same packing options. I also like that they are local. Without local support, we would not have been able to get to where we are today. They are the foundation of our company, and we wanted to return that by supporting a business that is in the same region as us.

They also have a really impressive line of automated packing devices. They have several that are designed for bakery use. We use one machine to help us stack the pizza crusts that are made on site, then another bags them with specialty bags that have our label and nutrition information on it. We also have a case packer that handles our smaller items like cookies and brownies. Even though they are not the main money maker, people still enjoy them, so we market them to a lot of the local stores as well. Having them automatically packed keeps things sanitary and fresh, two things our customers deserve!

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