Nov 13 2014

Try To Understand The Estimates Provided By Calgary Moving Companies

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Moving your property from one place to another is a stressful one and the task might seem daunting to you. You will need to hire the services of a reliable moving company to get all your goods safely to your new home. When you choose a moving company, the cost is one of the important factors you would consider in addition to the reputation of the company. When you are considering costs, it is essential that you do not go by the general cost quoted by the companies on the phone. You will need to get estimates from the moving service provider before you can decide which one is the best. You should also remember that cheaper is not always best but it should be one of the factors under consideration. The cost of moving will be often closer to the estimate that a company might provide for you.

These estimates are of two types, non-binding estimate and a binding estimate. Both the estimates are to be made available in a written form. The moving company should provide you with a copy of the estimate whatever the type you choose. When you choose a moving company, you should ensure that the company is legit and licensed. You can visit the Calgary moving company official website of the moving company to know details about the licensing or find about the company’s reputation by enquiring around. Once you are satisfied with the company, you can call the movers to provide an estimate. This procedure can be done before you are ready to pack and move away. The movers in Calgary will visit your premises to see the amount of stuff you have for moving.

A non-binding estimate is an estimate that does not bind you or the mover to stick to the price mentioned. If you are unsure of the things you will want to take with you, it is better to choose a non-binding estimate. This estimate should include details of the estimated weight and cost of any additional services requested by the individual. The bill of lading which will be presented to you for payment should include all the costs that are shown in the non-binding estimate. It is generally agreed that your final bill at the time of delivery should not be more than 110 percent of this estimate. These estimates are usually not charged unlike the binding estimates.

A binding estimate is an estimate that binds both the individual who is moving and the moving service provider. The binding estimate will cover more accurate details of the goods included in the shipment and any additional services required. The binding not to exceed kind of estimate is one in which the moving service provider cannot charge you more than the estimated amount under any conditions at the time of delivery. The exception will be in the case where you have agreed to pay for additional services or new items (that were not included at the time of estimation) separately. When you ask for a binding estimate, ensure that you know about the things you will carry and point them as accurately as possible to the movers. By understanding the estimates, you will be able to negotiate better and find the best suitable moving company in Calgary to suit your needs.

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