Jan 23 2014

5 Tips for Increasing Your Sales Team’s Productivity

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Even the best sales teams can always use a boost. The following five tips can help your sales team reach the next level:

  1. Get real about where you are right now. It’s difficult to improve if you don’t know which areas need improving. Companies such as SalesDrive provide sales testing that can pinpoint those areas so you can focus on improving your team’s skills such as persuasiveness, organization and relationship skills.
  2. Give your team the tools they need to get the job done. If your sales team is spending more time on the phone with tech support than with potential clients, it’s time to upgrade. Tablet computers and personal Wi-Fi hotspots are consistently listed as critical productivity tools.
  3. Remove obstacles. Not only do sales reps need the right tools, they also need the freedom to spend their time making sales – not doing paperwork or setting appointments. Administrative assistants and appointment setters can go a long way toward freeing up a sales rep to focus on sales. Another way to help free up time is to change the weekly sales team meeting once in a while to a teleconference instead of an in-person meeting. This keeps the team connected but allows more time for closing sales.
  4. Implement focused training. While training does take time away from making sales, focused training that specifically targets a team member’s weaknesses can ultimately help improve productivity. Not only can this be the type of training as mentioned above, but it can also be learning how to use new software or sales protocols.
  5. Individualize motivation. Because not all sales reps are the same, a one-size-fits-all approach to motivation won’t be effective. Instead, tailor the type of motivation you use to what works for each individual sales rep.

Use these tips and you’re sure to see improvement in your team’s productivity.

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